Unique and convenient grilling accessories for the everyday backyard griller.

Finally, an awesome product (Grate Chef Stainless Steel Wipes) for keeping stainless steel looking great! Easy to use—no drips or smell. Thank you. Please don’t change this product. Best stainless cleaner ever, and I’ve tried so many and thrown most of them away!
— Karen

Take your grilling to the next level with Grate Chef's unique accessories. For over 10 years Grate Chef has been designing products to perfect the grilling experience for every backyard griller. Whether the need be keeping the food from sticking, getting the charcoal lit, controlling a flare up, or simply keeping that stainless steel looking brand new Grate Chef has provided a product for every scenario. The vast array of products offered by Grate Chef allows the average backyard griller to achieve restaurant grade food every time. All products are 100% food safe and do not produce any chemicals that could be possibly dangerous to consume. Also all products are able to be used on any grill whether it be gas, charcoal, or open campfire.